No Tours Planned! I'm focusing on photography in the US for the next period of time. 




(2021 Update)
What a crazy last few years we have experienced!
I made it back to South Africa and Botswana for about 5 months in 2021 and had a great time showing off the Chobe and Moremi region to Vern and his kids! 
Vern -

"With COVID looming everywhere, straddling June and July of 2021 my two adult children and I travelled the National Parks of Botswana with Josh Able and his reliable Nissan 4-wheel drive. The wildlife we saw was incredible, but more incredible was Josh’s careful planning, his nuanced understanding of where to find wildlife and understanding their behavior, his seamless ability to interact with locals and his almost intuitive sense to anticipate our needs (and he is a pretty good cook!). I should mention that for 18 days the four of us were together pretty much 24/7 and at no time was there any tension; it was just a completely happy time. Should the opportunity arise, I would encourage anyone to take advantage of Josh as an African guide, and he could give some tips on wildlife photography along the way!

Vern Bingman

Professor, Bowling Green State University"