If you represent a group that works to defend our lands and wildlife and would like assistance from Our Wild World in the form of donated artwork or something else, please do not hesitate to reach out to me - Joshua


Our lands & wildlife are under increased threat worldwide. Here are some of the groups that I feel are worthy of support, please note that there are many groups not listed that are worthy of our aid.

  • Panthera holds a special place for me with their work on Cheetah and Snow Leopard Conservation, Panthera is the only organization in the world that is devoted exclusively to the conservation of the world’s 40 wild cat species and their ecosystems.

          Please visit them at www.Panthera.org

  • The Center for Biological Diversity is one of the premier Environmental groups in the US and aggressively goes after Local, State and Federal mismanagement of our lands.

          Please visit them at www.biologicaldiversity.org

  • Wildlife in Africa face ever increasing threats from human activities. African Parks is a non-profit conservation organization that takes on direct responsibility for the rehabilitation and long-term management of protected areas in partnership with governments and local communities.

          Check them out at www.africanparks.org

  • Earthjustice says they are here because the "Earth needs a good lawyer" and that is so very true. Earthjustice wields the power of law and the strength of partnership to protect people’s health, to preserve magnificent places and wildlife, to advance clean energy, and to combat climate change.

          Learn more at https://earthjustice.org